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    Lost Article of Rainbow.

    Colorful items that dyed by vivid color dropped from rainbow.
    Lit a new light on your life, also deliver color to your heart.

    brand showroom ≫
    • Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier  with clean mist Sablier -wood-
    • Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier  with clean mist
    • Driving Aroma Diffuser  Leather and Metal
    • Fondue Block Tower
    • Metal triple fan  8inch with remote controller
    • Ceramic fan heater  with human sensor
  • mercyu

    "Rich Slow Life with the Fragrance of Aroma.

    A heart becomes rich by adopting a fragrance in daily life.
    Close eyelids slowly,open heart gently, and please feel a relief.

    brand showroom ≫
    • GRANDE Collection Fragrance  Branch Glass & Spray
    • VINTAGE Collection  Reed Diffuser
    • Nordic Collection  Reed Diffuser
    • Reed Diffuser  “LUNA CALANTE -grande-”
    • VINTAGE Collection  Reed Diffuser
    • Nordic Collection  Reed Diffuser
  • sifflus

    Elegance on your lifestyle.
    Sifflus will be on "your usual"

    Have you ever thougt you would like to be stress-free on your time?
    Sifflus offers products with "comfort", "ease","welfare" and "pleasure",
    and wants to share "lifestyle with Sifflus" without the generation and gender.

    brand showroom ≫
    • Little Teepee
    • 3WAY Freestanding Portable  Hammock
    • 2WAY Freestanding Portable  Hammock
    • Simple TEEPEE
    • Freestanding Portable Hammock
    • Freestanding Portable Hammock

    Bicycle with a Name of "Evolution"

    Create a life style with owner.
    Propose new life with bicycles, we pursue “more stylish” and “more fashionable.”

    brand showroom ≫
    • 20 inch Aluminum Folding  Bicycle 6 Speed “ORAN”
    • 26 inch Cargo Bike  6 Speed BANGO
    • 26 inch City Bike  Groot
    • 700C City Bike  Straat
    • 26 inch cargo bike  6 speeds STLINE
    • 26 inch Cargo Bike  6 Speed BANGO
  • Onlili


    UNEXPECTEDNESS makes Only One.
    NOTICE made by UNUSUAL.

    brand showroom ≫
    • Ceramic Humidifier
    • VINTAGE Collection  Ceramic Humidifier M
    • Nordic Collection  Ceramic Aroma Diffuser
    • VINTAGE Collection  Ceramic Humidifier M
    • Nordic Collection  Ceramic Humidifier M
    • VINTAGE Collection  Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

    "Light and wind" "Modern and Natural"

    The one which can't be one become one create new space.
    The light and wind just there can be the space of JAVALO ELF.

    brand showroom ≫
    • VINTAGE Collection  Ceiling fan
    • Vintage Collection  Ceiling fan
    • Modern Collection LED  ceiling fan REAL wood blades
    • Vintage Collection  Aroma fragrance lamp
    • VINTAGE Collection  Pendant Light
    • VINTAGE Collection  Table Lamp
  • plusmore

    Always 「+」 with you

    We give you just a little bit “Plus” to enjoy your ordinal life.
    We give you just a little bit “More” to maintain your ordinal life.

    brand showroom ≫
    • Ceiling Fan  “Windouble 6-Lights”
    • desk fan
    • Aroma Circulator8-inch  8-inch
    • Aroma Diffuser  -REAL wood-
    • Rotatable Mop  “Loco Loco”
    • Hygrothermograph  Backlight & Alarm

    「Mobility」over the limit of Luggage

    This word implies our hopes to make the impossible possible.
    Creating novel and frame breaking evolution of suitcase.

    brand showroom ≫
    • Soft Luggage M1
    • Hard Luggage A1
    • Hard Luggage A2
    • Soft Luggage P1
    • Soft Luggage P2
    • Hard Luggage A3

    Anytime, Anywhere, with Light Step.

    Easy to “Buy”, “Ride”, “Enjoy”, I hope you to feel bicycle more familiar.
    We supply the most suitable bicycle for you.

    brand showroom ≫
    • 700C Aluminum Cross Bike  6speed Fritz
    • 26-inch Aluminum Road  Bike 14 Speed
    • 700C Cross Bike   6 Speed
    • 700C City bike 6 speed  ORTER
    • 700C Chromoly  Single Speed
    • 24-inch Aluminum Road  Bike 14 Speed
  • Re:ctro

    Harmony of White and Gray

    Simple tone created by achromatic color seaching for infinite possibility also harmonize naturally in vivid color.

    brand showroom ≫
    • LED Rechargeable&Folding Desk  Stand Light with Alarm “P.A.L”
    • Touch Sensor Aroma Humidifier  “Touch”
    • Dripping Coffe Maker  “box”
    • Rechargeable LED Ramp  “lantern”
    • Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier  by PET “dot”


Management philosophy


Our strengths and vision



〒556-0016 Osaka-shi, Osaka Naniwa-ku Motomachi 3-11-16