Always “+” with you


Simple, Stylish, Windouble

Want to suit to any styles. Want to snuggle up to various lives. Not a special product, but it will send kindly wind and light naturally while it colors your room.

Ceiling Fan “Windouble 4-Lights”


6 lights calm your heart.

The atmosphere expressed by simply designed 6 lights are elegant and peace. This can gives you the function of lights, fan and life of one more high class.

Ceiling Fan “Windouble 6-Lights”


Aroma of a tree and the glass that a genuine article was combined.

The aroma diffuser which was particular about a genuine article made of the real wood and the real glass. It send a genuine healing and a fragrance of the aroma by feeling feel of a material of genuine material, feel. You can feel the warmth of the tree by the operation of the touch sensor. As well as aroma, the light shining through real glass softly is equipped with illuminations function and colors a room. Let's begin the life of healing by a highest mist fragrant gently.

Aroma Diffuser -REAL wood-



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