JAVALO ELF JE-CF026 VINTAGE Collection Ceiling fan is released on 2020/08/12.

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The vintage look adapts to your room

javalo elf

Light and Wind

A moment when you feel a refreshing breeze.
Deliver the space where you feel the comfortable moment.

Functionality and design.
We propose a brand new lifestyle.

HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released
JE-CF026 JAVALO ELF VINTAGE Collection Ceiling fan 2020/08/12 on sale

The matte black body and the details of the down rod show a vintage atmosphere. Because the down rod is designed shorter, when you put it on the ceiling, you don't get a feeling of being oppressed. Please enjoy the comfortable window blown by the 48 inches blades and spend your time.


■Power supply :
■Consumed power[Approx.] :
■Blade size[Approx.] :
■Revolving speed[Approx.] :
■Direction of rotation :
■Operating range[Approx.] :
■Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.] :
■*precautions :
■Set contents : Main body,Blade x 4(reversible), blade holder x 4, Hanging plate(equipped on the main body), Remote control, Screw set, Manual(with Warranty)
■Material :Main body : Steel, Blade : MDF

□This is released with 19,800 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2020/08/12

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