Sifflus(シフラス)SFF-123 自立式ポータブルハンモック ダブルサイズ 2018年2月22日発売 | HANWA Ltd.


Sifflus SFF-123 Freestanding Portable hammock double-size is released on 2018/2/22.

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A feeling of security and comfort to be wrapped as never before

sifflus Elegance on your lifestyle. Sifflus will be on “your usual”

Have you ever thougt you would like to be stress-free on your time? Sifflus offers products with “comfort”, “ease”,”welfare” and “pleasure”, and wants to share “lifestyle with Sifflus” without the generation and gender..


HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released

SFF-123 Freestanding Portable hammock double-size  2018/02/22.


You can sit down this double size hammock for 2 people not only children but also adults. If you sit down with families or friends, communication may be spread. This hammock suits daily-use and also outdoor because it don't need tool and is easy for assembly. The hammock which has safe frame be coverded by 1 year warranty will support your fun times.


■Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.] :46 x 46cm / 1010g
■Hammock cloth size[Approx.]:3050 x 1640mm
■Target height[Approx.]:Less than 200cm
■Withstand load[Approx.]:Less than 200kg
■Material : Stand : Steel, Hammock cloth : Cotton / Polyester, Strage bag : Polyester
■Set contents : Stand, Hammock cloth, Storage bag

□This is released with 17,500 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2018/02/22.

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