Sifflus(シフラス)SFF-16 超軽量 ウルトラライト アルミ製 ハンモックスタンド カラビナ&ベルトセット 2018年3月23日発売 | HANWA Ltd.


Sifflus SFF-16 Ultra light Alminum Hammock stand carabiner belt is released on 2018/3/23.

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Use hammock more easily and more freely

Elegance on your lifestyle. Sifflus will be on “your usual”

Have you ever thougt you would like to be stress-free on your time? Sifflus offers products with “comfort”, “ease”,”welfare” and “pleasure”, and wants to share “lifestyle with Sifflus” without the generation and gender..


HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released SFF-16 Sifflus Ultra light Alminum Hammock stand carabiner belt = image = on 2018/03/23.


Probably there are someone long for hammock but give up using it because of difficulity of setting up. Actually this one side hammock stand can be sat up easily. You can use genuine hammock at any place if only have tree or car to fasten and also can bring it anywhere since the weight is light and compact because of made by aluminum. Enjoy relax time with hammock.


■Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.] :800 x 200 x 90mm / 3471g
■Material : Main body : Aluminum, Carabiner : Steel, Carabiner with belt : Steel / PP, Rope : Niron, Peg : Steel, Storage bag : Polyester, Wire : Stainless / PVC
■Set contents : Main body, Carabiner x 2, Carabiner with belt, Rope, Peg x 2, Storage bag,wire

□This is released with 9,900 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2018/03/23.

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