PRISMATE(プリズメイト) PR-SK008 ハッコウ ブロック 楽しく使えるレシピブック付 2018年10月23日発売 | HANWA Ltd.


PRISMATE PR-SK008 Hakkou Block with recipe book is released on 2018/10/23.

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Small block of the physical thought.

Lost Article of Rainbow.

After the rain,have you got a happy feeling by seeing the rainbow appeared in the sky. Color have a power makes people’s feeling happy? Color have great influences for psychological and physical state. We suggest various products that must be useful for your life with various colors. Colorful items that dyed by vivid color dropped from rainbow. Lit a new light on your life, also deliver color to your heart.


HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released PR-SK008 PRISMATE Hakkou Block with recipe book = image = on 2018/10/23.


You can easily taken fermentation foods if You use the Hakkou Block. You can easily make fermentation foods, for example Amazake,Ftuit vinegar, Caspian sea yogurt.Simple and compact, so Hakkou Block is adjusts your life.


■Power supply :AC100V 50/60Hz
■Consumed power[Approx.] :27W
■Power cable[Approx.] :1.5m
■Container capacity[Approx.] :400ml
■Temperature[Approx.] :25℃ / 40℃ / 60℃
■Continuous use time[Approx.] :48hours
■Remarks :Please use a 500ml milk pack in case of making yogurt by milk pack.
■Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.] :0.73yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
■Material : Main body : PC / Cover : AS / Container : PE / Spoon, Milk pack clip : PS
■Set contents : Main body, Cover, Container, Spoon, Milk pack clip x 2, Manual(with Warranty)

□This is released with 2,500 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2018/10/23.

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