VINTAGE Collection Ceiling fan JE-CF001V

VINTAGE Collection Ceiling fan JE-CF001V

High quality space, comfortable brightness and window

Edison bulbs which have orange brightness match the matte black body, the wooden pattern blade and black wire shade, then they make the vintage place. You can spend luxury time with comfortable wind and nostalgic filament.

Product Number:JE-CF001V


The ease place with comfortable window

Window you are healed, and warm filament brightness make your room ease and good.

Edison bulbs which have beautiful filament is attached

Edison bulbs of the beautiful filament which match vintage style are attached, so you can use the ceiling fan.

The remote control is also cool

The remote control whose design is from the logotype of "JAVALO ELF" is good for the stylish room. You can control all function with it.

All season

Direction of rotation for summer is anticlockwise, for winter is clockwise. It can heighten an effect for air conditioner.

The blade for your interior

The wooden blade is reversible, so you can choose the good color for your room.

Easy to build

You need one driver only to assemble.


Product NumberJE-CF001V
Product NameVINTAGE Collection Ceiling fan
MaterialMain body : Steel, Blade : MDF, Shade : Steel, Edison bulb : Tungsten filament / Glass / Nickel
Set ContentsMain body, Blade x 4(reversible), Shade x 4, Ring for Shade x 4(equipped on the main body), Hanging plate(equipped on the main body), Remote control, Screw set, Edison bulb x 4pcs, Manual(with Warranty)
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]Motor : 35W
Edison bulb : 240W(60W x 4)
Discharge lamp : 52W(Compact fluorescent lamp A type 12/13W x 4)
LED lamp : follow the wattage of the bulb to be used
Blade size[Approx.]42 inch
Revolving speed3steps(Low, Middle, High)
Direction of rotationPositive, Negative
BulbEdison bulb : 60W and less than 60W
Compact fluorescent lamp A type 12/13W x 4
LED lamp follow the wattage of the bulb to be used
Light control change2steps(2 x 2 pattern, 4lights)
Diameter sizeE26
Operating range[Approx.]10m *Reaching distance of controller
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]Motor : 0.9yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
Light : 6.4yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
*precautionsFix by wood screw for round or square shape ceiling
RemarksLED lamp, Discharge lamp and Incandescent lamp can be used.
Compatible NumberCS-D682,CS-D689,CS-G064,CS-G163,CSA-500-1