GRANDE Collection Reed Diffuser MRU-21G

GRANDE Collection Reed Diffuser MRU-21G

"Grande = presence" And to the point of the luxury.

The big glass which puts great deal of effort, and is made by the hand of the craftsman. It is bake in a furnace and blow up. The state has short charm with it to express as presence. Presence and the fragrance of the highest grade making tension to air provoke it to the genuine luxury space.

Product Number:MRU-21G


Shining Glass

"A bold big gorgeous glass bottle. A room is reborn in the high-quality space."

Big reed is made of cotton

Soft feel of a material adds gentleness, and the big lead is made of press cotton can be more careful to the room with a fragrance widely.

Clear air

Be fragrant softly when passing,the space where there is that lingering scent has special clear air.

It is fragrant for a long time for six months.

A sweet smell period is approximately six months. It is available as one of the vase and the interior after use.

To use for a long time

The different fragrance can be enjoyed sequentially when you purchase an aroma oil lead set of other selling.


Product NumberMRU-21G
Product NameGRANDE Collection Reed Diffuser
MaterialBottle : Glass, Bottle(with fragrance) : PET, Reed : Cotton
Set ContentsGlass bottle, Fragrance bottle, Reed x 10
Size[Approx.]BL : 149 x 149 x 255mm
Weight[Approx.]BL : 1.800g
Reed length[Approx.]540mm
GR : 1,400g
PP : 1,200g
GR : 147 x 147 x 270mm
PP : 90 x 90 x 300mm
Inner capacity480ml
Perfumed term[Approx.]Up to 6months
Main ingredientDPM, Aroma chemical
FragranceCLA : Clear air
Remarks*Reeds aren't included in the weight and size.