GRANDE Collection Fragrance Branch Glass&Spray MRU-23G

GRANDE Collection Fragrance Branch Glass&Spray MRU-23G

Vase, Branch, Spray, Excellent Lifestyle, Valid for 1 year.

The fusion of the plant and aroma. I visited to Thailand because for the new lifestyle will be realized. It is the simple that just putting the vase and branches. Then the room will be filled with natural plants and aroma. For the person that want to rank up a lifestyle.

Product Number:MRU-23G


Long life x Elegant

This is a set including the fragrance spray. Just spray to branches when the scent get decrease little by little. The fragrance will be kept last over a year.

The natural plants of Thailand

Just once what are harvested through a yearin Thailind. This is the fragrance branch set that has high rarity value.

A happy set

The happy one with the fragrance branch, a vase and a aroma spray. It'll be a best for a gift.

Arundo donax

The scent of Ocean breeze on the branch which has image like a swaying in the breeze.

Common sida

The scent of Orange splash on the branch which has image like a transparent color.

Lepironia articulata

The scent of Rose on the branch which has a modesty and profound color.


Product NumberMRU-23G
Product NameGRANDE Collection Fragrance Branch Glass&Spray
MaterialBranch : Dry stick, Base: Glass, Bottle(with fragrance) : PET(Main body) / PP(Cover)
Set ContentsBranch, Vase, Fragrance bottle
JAN-OCE(Ocean breeze):4944370821178
-ORG(Orange splash):4944370821185
Main ingredient of scentAroma cemical : 2%, Solubilizer : 5%, Pure water : 93%
Main ingredient of branchDry wooden branch : 95%, Aroma chemical : 5%
Perfumed term[Approx.]Up to a month
Perfumed term by spray[Approx.]Last over a year
Reed length[Approx.]900mm
FragranceOCE : Ocean breeze / Branch : Arundo donax
ORG : Orange splash / Branch : Common sida
RSE : Rose / Branch : Lepironia articulata
Branch box size[Approx.]10x3x100cm
Bottle size[Approx.]3x3x11.5cm
Remarks*Reeds aren't included in the weight and size.
*Size and weight errors will occur
because the vase is the handmade product.