3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock ethnic SFF-47

3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock ethnic SFF-47

Enjoy ethnic design, variety for hammock

The individual ethnic design must attract outdoors. Because of the individual pattern, we kept color tone, so it can match an interior. If you are attracted by stylish interior or camping, you should be particular about hammock design.

Product Number:SFF-47


Cool design of ethnic

The individual ethnic pattern is good point for interior decoration. Why don't you spend time in your house with hammock?

The fabric called jacquard has an image of high-quality

The fabric, called jacquard is made by weaving, so it has an image of high-quality and it's good as furniture.

Choose color by your feeling

Because there are 2 colors, calm blue and individual yellow, you can enjoy interior decoration and choose one for your favorite outdoor items.

Convenient 3WAY of using

Of course this hammock has 3WAY function. It can be used as hammock, chair and hanger rack. When you don't use as hammock or chair, you can use as hanger rack.

Compact foldable stand

It is very compact and convenient for bringing outdoors if it's put in attached strage bag. The 3WAY hammock is used very well at not only outdoors but also your room.


Product NumberSFF-47
Product Name3WAY Freestanding Portable Hammock ethnic
MaterialStand : Steel, Hanger rod : Aluminum, Hammock cloth / Chair cloth : Cotton / Polyester, Strage bag : Polyester
Set ContentsStand, Hammock cloth, Chair cloth, Hanger rod, Storage bag
Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.]1150 x 170 x 125mm / 9,150g
Target height[Approx.]Less than 180cm
Withstand load[Approx.]Less than 100kg
Chair size / weight[Approx.]1210×780×1085mm / 8,020g
Hammock cloth size[Approx.]1830×1420mm
Chair cloth size[Approx.]665×1390mm
Remarks* Hammock Style.