Nordic Collection Ceramic Aroma Diffuser ONL-AD007N ONL-AD007 | onlili

Nordic Collection Ceramic Aroma Diffuser ONL-AD007N

Nordic Collection Ceramic Aroma Diffuser ONL-AD007N

The fragrance in the ceramic pod.

The ceramic pod which is made by hand have individuality for each one. When you open the lid, you can feel good fragrance. Why don't you add "KAWAII" and good fragrance for your life.

Product Number:ONL-AD007N
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Cute lid is good point

The lid like a cap makes whole body cute. The red and yellow handle are good point.

The shape by handmade makes charm point

The ceramic body has deferent design one by one, because they are made by hand. That is a charm point.

The home electric appliance is one of interior goods

This item can respond to the needs to put in your room as a interior item.

The swelled logotypes are good accent

The swelled logotypes on the lid are good accent for whole design.

This aroma diffuser is for each rooms

The Small and cute design can be put anywhere, not only living.


Product NumberONL-AD007N
Product NameNordic Collection Ceramic Aroma Diffuser
MaterialMain body : PP /ABS, Main body cover : Ceramic
Set ContentsMain body, Main body cover, Manual(with Warranty)
Power supplyAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]6W
Power cable[Approx.]1.45m
Tank capacity[Approx.]100ml
Continuous use time[Approx.]6 hours
Off timer1, 3, 6hours
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]0.27yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
Compatible NumberCS-A350,CS-A351,CS-C963-RD,CS-C963-YL,CS-E711-RD,CS-E711-YL