Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier Sablier -wood- PR-HF001W PR-HF001 | prismate

Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier Sablier -wood- PR-HF001W

Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier Sablier -wood- PR-HF001W

Mist of the tree quenching a heart

Like the tree grows straight. Healing of magnificent nature and the warmth of the warm tree are felt by a free and easy departure. The finest humidifier exists as interior in addition to aroma fragrant comfortably.

Product Number:PR-HF001W
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Mist x Aroma x Interior

Not only the face, Enough humidifying effects have your room moisturize.

Tree species satisfy your mind

3 types of tree decorate your room and become a accent naturally.

More comfortable space

The attached aroma pad fallen in drops makes you relaxing.

Something happens

If body falls, auto stop function turns off power in surround there are infants.

Using remotely

All function can be used by remote controller. Never disturb your rest.


Product NumberPR-HF001W
Product NameAroma Ultrasonic Humidifier Sablier -wood-
MaterialCover : ABS, Aroma tray : PP, Water tank : ABS
Set ContentsMain body(Aroma tray, Aroma pad, Air filter), Manual(with Warranty), Remote Controller(equipped the test battery/CR2032 : 3V)
*precautionsAC 100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]Low : 18W, Middle : 21W, High : 23W, Sleeping mode : 16W
Power cable[Approx.]1.5m
Humidifying performance[Approx.]Sleeping mode : 50-120ml/h, Low : 120-200ml/h, Middle : 250-300ml/h, High : 300-350ml/h
Tank capacity[Approx.]2.5L
Recommended space[Approx.]20-33square meters
Consumed power[Approx.]20hours(Low)-7hours(High), 5hours(Sleeping mode)
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]0.62yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
Compatible NumberCS-A056,CS-SBTC,CS-B298,CS-B299,CS-B300,CS-B354-BK,CS-B354-BR,CS-B354-PN,CS-SBTN,FL-56,FL-06,CS-SBTN-N