PET Bottle Humidifier -wood- PR-HF017

PET Bottle Humidifier -wood- PR-HF017

It will be suited to the side with you.

The body is made by smoothly line. It will be useful as the humidifier that give the moisture to the room with PET bottle, although it is the small body. The small humidifier would be suited to your life.

Product Number:PR-HF017


The palm-sized humidifier

The diameter of 10cm and the height of 5cm about are the palm-sized. It can be used without choosing the place.

Anytime with cleanliness

This humidifier can be used PET bottle that is on the Japanese market, so it will be kept clean by changing to the new PET bottle.

Suitable to the mouth of two size.

The mouth of the two size can be used by using the bottle cap connector.

Easy operation

This small humidifier can be used by a button of ON/OFF so it is simple to use.

Available in overseas

This AC adapter can be used in overseas. Additionally, it can be used with the lap top by connecting the USB cable.


Product NumberPR-HF017
Product Name PET Bottle Humidifier -wood-
MaterialABS, PC, Polyester
Set ContentsMain body, Bottle cap connector, AC adaptor(USB type), USD cable, Water absorbing stick x 3, Manual(with Warranty)
JAN-OP(Old Plain):4944370028317
Power supplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]3W
Power cable[Approx.]1.2m
Humidifying performance[Approx.]20-50ml/h
Recommended space[Approx.]Personal
Continuous use time[Approx.]7hours
Size of PET bottleUnder 500ml
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]0.08yen *per 1hour(in JAPAN)
Compatible NumberCS-D455,CS-D456,CS-D457,CS-D468