Hakkou Block with recipe book PR-SK008

Hakkou Block with recipe book PR-SK008

Small block of the physical thought.

You can easily taken fermentation foods if You use the Hakkou Block. You can easily make fermentation foods, for example Amazake,Ftuit vinegar, Caspian sea yogurt.Simple and compact, so Hakkou Block is adjusts your life.

Product Number:PR-SK008


You male fermented food easily.

Fermented food is good for the body, and taste increases,and conservation go up. You can make it in your home,if you use Hakkou Block.

Homemede good point

You can eat fermented food in ease,because it is homemade,and you can select the food.

Simple operation

The power is 4 phase OFF,25℃,40℃,60℃. Usage is simply,please set a food to body and select temperatur.

The nice set

A recipe is attached to the Hakko Block,and special bottle,spoon,clip for milk pack attached.

You can choose three colors.

Please choose your various color from three color in White,Coral pink,Aqua green.


Product NumberPR-SK008
Product NameHakkou Block with recipe book
MaterialMain body : PC / Cover : AS / Container : PE / Spoon, Milk pack clip : PS
Set ContentsMain body, Cover, Container, Spoon, Milk pack clip x 2, Manual(with Warranty)
-AR(Aqua green):4944370023671
-CK(Coral pink):4944370023664
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]22W
Power cable[Approx.]1.5m
Container capacity[Approx.]400ml
Temperature[Approx.]25℃ / 40℃ / 60℃
Continuous use time[Approx.]48hours
RemarksPlease use a 500ml milk pack in case of making yogurt by milk pack.
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]0.59yen *per 1 hour(in JAPAN)
Compatible NumberCS-F585