Hot cocktails maker with recipe book PR-SK027

Hot cocktails maker with recipe book PR-SK027

A luxurious time with hot cocktails that warm up your life

Hot cocktails warm up you on a cold winter day. It's not just a hot wine, that you can enjoy some flavors depending on the arrangement is the good point. You can enjoy a hot cocktail by yourself, enjoy chocolate fondue with your friends, or enjoy hot milk with your family.

Product Number:PR-SK027


What is hot cocktail?

Hot cocktails are hot drinks mixed with alcohol. You may have heard of hot wine and beer, but there are many hot cocktails such as hot plum wine, hot kahlua milk, and more. Why don't you debut with a hot cocktail?

Easy temperature control for easy hot cocktails.

It can adjust the temperature at 35-70℃ and warm it up slowly. It doesn't get too hot, so it can keep the alcohol.

Non alcohol hot drink

It can make hot drink like a hot chocolate easily. In addition, it can keep temperature so you can enjoy hot tea for long time.

Fabulous moment with chocolate fondue

You can not only make hot cocktails but also make chocolate fondue. Not to mention available to use by yourself, can use it at party.

Recipe book

It has a recipe book with 20 recipes. So you can try to make some hot cocktails. You will find favorite hot cocktails.


Product NumberPR-SK027
Product NameHot cocktails maker with recipe book
MaterialMain body : ABS/PPO/PC, Glass pot : Glass, fork : Stainless/ABS
Set ContentsMain body, Glass pot, 4 forks, Recipe book, Manual(with Warranty)
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz
Consumed power[Approx.]350W
Power cable[Approx.]1.5m
Heatresistant temperature[Approx.]Glass pot : 200℃、Main body : 230℃
Electric fee(per 1hour)[Approx.]
Compatible NumberCS-A089