Freestanding Portable Hammock Hammock theater Set SFF-06

Freestanding Portable Hammock Hammock theater Set SFF-06

Hammock theater can monopolize relaxation

Private space only for you who can relax outside while being jolted in a hammock. You pocket a tablet terminal, It becomes the theater room which can enjoy a movie with feel of relaxation. Anti-sunburn measures are possible if you change a curtain sheet to a positive degree of leaning. You remove a hammock, it is transformed a simple dress room. The hammock theater you can carry easily by folding small in storing back.

Product Number:SFF-06


The private room only for you

Private space can be made by attaching the roof sheet and curtain sheet on SFF-02 hammock with being in outside.

The theater room will be changed quickly

A seat to hang down from a ceiling has the pocket which can attach a tablet terminal and can enjoy a movie.

Feel like relaxing in the shade of a tree

It is attached ultraviolet rays cut processed roof sheet and prevent the strong sunlight. You can relax to feel wind in the shade of a tree.

Curtain sheet to be able to easily attach

To a solar degree of leaning, it is attached a curtain sheet. Then it is most suitable for blind measures. It can also use as a dress room when removing the hammock fabric.

Just put on SFF-02 hammock

By folding small into the storage bag, it's is easy to carry.

We due to maintaining high level of security of storng hook

Sifflus is feeling while riding and while shaking does not change.We due to maintaining high level of security of storng hook.(at2016model)Storng hook can set up SFF-05 Hammock theater.


Product NumberSFF-06
Product NameFreestanding Portable Hammock Hammock theater Set
MaterialHammock:PL,Stand:Steel,Pillow:PVC,Storage bag:PL,Roof sheet/Curtain sheet A/B:PL/PU,Pole:Glass fiber/PE/Steel,V-shaped parts/Wrench:Steel,Storage bag:PL
Set ContentsHammock, Stand, Pillow, Storage bag, Roof sheet, Curtain sheet A, Curtain sheet B, Pole A x 2, Pole B, V-shaped metal parts, Wrench, Storage bag, Manual
Giftbox size[Approx.]SFF-02:1030mm x 190mm x 170mm
SFF-05:700mm x 120mm x 120mm
Hammock cloth size[Approx.]2170 x 800mm
Air pillow size[Approx.]430 x 275mm
Tablet pocket-size[Approx.]300 x 200mm *less than 9.7inch
Drink holder specificationLess than 550ml, Diameter : 70mm
Front fokeLess than 180cm
Withstand load[Approx.]Less than 100kg
Size[Approx.]Roof sheet : 135 x 95cm *longest
Curtain sheet : 1550 x 2300mm *longest
Remarks*In the nature of the fabric, there are some line, but no problem in use.