3WAY Freestanding Portable Garden Hammock +One -WOOD- SFF-07

3WAY Freestanding Portable Garden Hammock +One -WOOD- SFF-07

Colorful days with 3 WAY hammock

Botanical style living with nature. Hammock frame of wood grain will produce warmth and luxury in your room. You can use as 3WAY style: as a hammock is broaden the arm of the frame, as a chair is narrowed the arm of the frame and as a hanger rack with a hunger rod. And, ivy with the garden sense are also included. Your mood, life outlook, please enjoy a new life along with the garden hammock according to the application.

Product Number:SFF-07


Relax in a hammock

You can enjoy the swaying relaxing time with lying down in a hammock. A cloth for hammock has a wide width, so you are wrap the body and can enjoy a good comfort.

Chair hammock

It can be used as a chair by changing the spread of the left and right arm. You sit down and spend a relax time.

Hanger rack

The form for chair with hanger rod can be used a hanger rack. It can be used as a hanger hook when it suddenly rain.

As a botanical item

Frame is decorated a realistic woodgrain pattern, lively ivy can be removed, and will finish the interior space to the Botanical impression.

Friendly dark green cloth

The frame is decorated realistic wooden pattern. The lively ivy will provide the botanical impression to the interior space.

Convenient to carry around

The storage bag of accessories is a backpack shape. It will help to carry outside and in the room.

We due to maintaining high level of security of storng hook

Sifflus is feeling while riding and while shaking does not change.We due to maintaining high level of security of storng hook.(at2016model)Storng hook can set up SFF-05 Hammock theater.

Examined Load bearing test

This is the quality standard for safety use although the endurance weight test of 300kg was passed by inspection institute in Japan.


Product NumberSFF-07
Product Name3WAY Freestanding Portable Garden Hammock +One -WOOD-
MaterialStand : Steel, Hammock cloth / Chair cloth : Cotton 65% / Polyester 35%, Hanger rod : Aluminum, Storage bag : Polyester, Ivy : PE, Rubber band : PP
Set ContentsStand, Hammock cloth size, Chair cloth size, Hanger rod, Storage bag
* Hammock Style
Chair size / weight[Approx.]1210 x 780 x 1085mm / 8,200g
Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.]1150 x 170 x 125mm / 9,550g
Hammock cloth size[Approx.]1830 x 1420mm
Chair cloth size[Approx.]665 x 1390mm
Ivy length[Approx.]1250mm (200g)
Target height[Approx.]Less than 180cm
Withstand load[Approx.]Less than 100kg
Compatible NumberSFF-101-GR,SFF-103-IV,SFF-104-IV,SFF-401,SFF-402,CS-B040,CS-B041,CS-B043,CS-C495