Products and services for corporate customers

We also take orders for OEM and novelty which realize your needs.
Please contact us from below form.

Premium Gift

Products required high sence design and high functionality.
We are waiting for inquiries from spokesmen, advertising afilliated companies and SP product companies.
Nowadays things are filled. Please look for a thing with a difference. We introduce your idea if at all possible.

OEM Bicycle

A small lot OEM by stickers from our brand products and by using our brand flames which are original colors are available.


We’ll help you aim at 200% product development with our brands & your brands.
Our products are on sale at select shops all over Japan, and have lots of experiences of media coverages.

OEM by Customer

Design, Development, Production and Quality Control are executed by all-in-one.
We will take our customer's requests in 100 percent and work passionately to produce satisfying products.

Quality Control & Inspection

Visualization of commissive factory investigations, line inspections, production controls and arrivals has realized, and solve customer’s worry.
Upon starting consignment productions, by a consumer orientation for realizing “entrusting”, we aim at a trusted company, and introduce “improvements” in operations.
Cost-cuttings of your company, detail reports per the operation are delivered by latest IT technologies.