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Download instruction manuals

You can download instruction manuals and catalog from each page of items.

Warranty repair provision

Product warranty follow the HANWA "guarantee requirement", It is valid in case consumer bought HANWA products.
The original guarantee requirement is written in the Japanese language. In the case of any discrepancy between the original Japanese version and this English translation, the original Japanese version shall prevail.

  1. 1, In case of breakdown within the warranty period under normal use condition in accordance with instruction manual, notes, etc., we will repair free at the shop where you bought it.
  2. 2, If a breakdown corresponding to the preceding paragraph occurs within the warranty period and you receive free repair, please bring the product and this manual to the store where you bought it, and present it after consultation.
  3. 3, When you request a free guarantee, please bring product in for repair. The shipping fee to the counter will be borne by the customer.
  4. 4, Even within the warranty period, we will charge fee repair in the following cases.
    1. 1, When this book is not presented.
    2. 2, If this book does not have the date of purchase, If the name of purchased store is not written in this document, or if these lexicals are rewritten.
    3. 3, In case of failure and damage due to misuse. Or repair, adjustment, remodeling at a place other than the customer or shopkeeper.
    4. 4, For non-home use (for business use).
    5. 5, Failure and damage due to transportation, movement, falling etc. after purchase.
    6. 6, Fire, earthquake, flood damage, lightning strike, other natural disasters, damage due to pollution or abnormal voltage and damage.
    7. 7, Damaged accessories are out of warranty coverage.
  5. 5, We would not reissue this book, please keep it in a safe place.
  6. 6, This warranty is valid only in Japan.
  7. 7, Regarding the repair that requires a partial replacement of a product that has passed over a certain period of time since the end of sale, we might not be able to respond even within the warranty period.
  8. 8, Repair of the same part after repair will be one year warranty from the repair date.
  9. 9, Depending on the product, the warranty policy of the distributor may be applied. In that case please follow the guarantee rules of the distributor.

Case in which each items has terms for warranty, it will be gave priority.
Case in which a warranty don't come with the item, it will be warranted at only initial failure. Please contact us or shop you bought the item within a week from date of arrival. Any repair or exchange may be for a fee if not within a week from date of arrival.
After we exchange a defective item to a substitute when defects occurred within warranty period, the valid warranty shall be having the longer period whichever one month from the date of exchange, or the original warranty period.

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